Contractor offering free deck inspections to promote safety in wake of recent collapses

SWANSBORO, N.C. (WNCT) – In the wake of two recent deck collapses this summer, one Swansboro man has stepped up to raise awareness about deck safety. Zachry Nichols, a licensed general contracter said he was prompted to take action after the July 4th deck collapse sending 24 people to the hospital. In the past month,…

Source: Contractor offering free deck inspections to promote safety in wake of recent collapses

Deck Evaluations – My Procedure for Your Deck Evaluation

deli deck

This is NOT a safe deck! Rusty nails, improper placement of joists….

About me and my deck evaluation procedure;

I am a NC Licensed General Contractor Lic. # 71761 and a member of the Carteret County Home Builders Association with professional knowledge of the building industry and insured with half a million dollars of general liability insurance.
In the event you know a family member or friend who would like to know the safeness of their deck, ramp, etc. please introduce us. Having been in the construction field for over 20 years and licensed for 8 years I would like to over folks peace of mind when it comes to safeness of their decks, balconies, hand/guardrails, stairs and ramps.
My procedure for a deck evaluation is to perform a 40-Point evaluation of the complete decking system and create an initial score A-F. If repairs are needed I recommend getting 3 estimates (one I would like to offer) and then when these possible repairs are completed re-evaluate the deck system for a final score. Presently what I am finding are most decks get a C or B on the initial evaluation and the final score is a B or A. I give the customer a framed certificate with my credentials, date, score and my signature for their records.
Finally, In addition to FREE evaluations for seniors and handicapped persons, I also do FREE evaluations for commercial businesses.
This is a safe deck with proper fasteners and deck system integrity;
Call me today for your FREE DECK EVALUATION 910-620-3345,
Zack Nichols
NC Residential General Contractor License #71761
Member of the Carteret County Home Builders Association

A New Screened- in Porch for Our Cool North Carolina Evenings

A perfect choice by this home owner for requesting our designing and building a new screened in porch. The porch could not be better, it now has two ceiling fans, newly painted floor, professionally finished interior and complementary outside siding to match the existing look. The home owner says the space feels larger and loves the way it all turned out. Thank you for allowing Zachry Lee Nichols Construction to bring your dreams to reality!

Before picture


After pictures




Completed House Repair and Paint to Swansboro’s Approved Historic Colors

This home improvement project recently completed with Swansboro’s approved historic district colors. Even though this home is not a historic plaque home it is located in the historic district and is required to make application to the town for color approval. I was happy to work with the town and home owner to facilitate the color choices and shutter choice.


Working in Swansboro’s Historic District

We are currently working on a home located in Swansboro’s historic district. Even though this is not a historic plaque home decisions of color change have to be approved by the Historic Commission. Swansboro’s Town Hall staff and Historic Commission members are easy to work with and in a couple of days we have approval for this home’s colors from the “approved colors book” at town hall. Thank you Town of Swansboro!

This is the before picture and more pictures of progress to come.

elm st